Blister Cards

A blister card is made from a paper specifically engineered to accept a bond from a plastic blister. It also requires special inks, curing and a coating of adhesive.  However, that all happens at the factory.  We handle that, you handle the design of the card and then the assembly of the package.

 Don’t tell anyone we told you this, but perhaps the most important part of the package is one we don’t offer.  An effective, attractive design will often make the difference between a product that sells out, and one that doesn’t sell at all.  The customer will only give your package maybe a second or two before their eyes move on.  You need to be able to convey in that couple of seconds, what your product is and why they need it.  This is not the job for the neighbor kid with a copy of Photoshop.  This important step should be handled by a professional graphic artist.

Our cards are manufactured using a process know as a “Gang Run”. This means that your card will be run on a sheet with multiple other customers using process printing. You get one position on the sheet, and the run length determines your quantity, 7500, 15000 etc. This process allows us to be more efficient and keep our prices low.

After the sheets are printed, they are coated with a fast drying adhesive and then cut apart into individual cards and boxed for shipping

When you recieve your cards, they will be individually cut, corners rounded and hangholes punched, ready for sealing.

The entire process takes about 4 weeks for a new card, and 2-3 weeks for a repeat job. An Express run is available for an extra charge.

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What is Blister Packaging?

The modern day customer wants to clearly see and feel what he is buying. Blister packaging is a clear packaging solution that allows your customer to get a real physical idea of what he is buying, without having to even open the package.  You need blister card experts to help you with the process.

Blister Packaging isn't complicated. However, it is foreign to most people with regard to production methods, construction and application. This site is intended to educate, inform and maybe, just maybe, sell you a little something. Regardless, it is our goal for you to inform you a little more.

Please visit the blister pack 101 page to learn more and feel free to call us with questions any time.                                                                   HOME  BACK HOME

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