Capsule Packaging

Blister Cards are the perfect way to display capsule nutraceutical products. However, not everyone needs a million packages. Sometimes you just need a few thousand.
In the last few years we have helped many customers start their own capsule packaging operation. We provide the cards, foil and machinery. You provide the capsules and labor, as you need them.

Professional Results

The process begins when 32 capsules are loaded into a 32 cavity blister and sealed with a foil backing. The capsules are then cut into single or double pieces and then trapped in between 2 layers of blister stock. The front of the card has a hole for the capsule to poke through, the back has a perforated oval for punch through.

Capsule Packing Made Easy

To get a reasonable price from a pharmaceutical packager, you need to order millions of packages.   Most people getting started don’t start with those type of quantities.  Those are the people that we can help.  We offer machinery starting as low as $1995.00 including tooling that can get you packaging right away. See Offer

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Our professionals will be happy to discuss what you need done and how we can help ensure it is done the way you want.

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What is Blister Packaging?

The modern day customer wants to clearly see and feel what he is buying. Blister packaging is a clear packaging solution that allows your customer to get a real physical idea of what he is buying, without having to even open the package.  You need blister card experts to help you with the process.

Blister Packaging isn't complicated. However, it is foreign to most people with regard to production methods, construction and application. This site is intended to educate, inform and maybe, just maybe, sell you a little something. Regardless, it is our goal for you to inform you a little more.

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